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One Love

Can I wait another week for Kim's CD to come out? I don't think I can! I want it so bad!

GO K-LO!!!
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Eeeeeee. Right on.
Whee! Be proud of me. That was my first time ever to post something in a community. *bows*
You've already heard it though, right? I mean, I'm a big Clay fan and I was really excited to get the cd b/c I hadn't heard the full songs before. With K-Lo's cd though, I'm not as excited b/c I've heard the whole thing a couple times.
I've heard some of the songs on it, but not all of them.

I see what you're saying.
Just like Clay's CD, I've refused to listen to any of K.Lo's before purcashing it. :D I'M SO EXCITED.
Hee. Hello there. Who are you?
A member of this community? Hahaha.
Ahahaha. Hah. Ha. Um, funny.
I just ... wanted to know, um, your name or something. Hee.