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kimberleyl_fans's Journal

Fans of American Idol's Kimberley Locke
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Welcome! This community is for fans of Kimberley Locke of American Idol. Other American Idol topics are welcome as well, with a few GUIDELINES:

1. If you do not like Kimberley Locke, don't join this community. No rude bashing or trolls will be tolerated.

2. We will all be respectful. You do not need to agree with anyone else's opinions, and you do not have to like any of the other contestants, but please phrase any dislike in a respectful way. For example, saying "I don't understand what people see in Trenyce, she doesn't do anything for me" is fine. Saying, "Trenyce is a thief and they should kick her black ass off" is NOT okay.

3. A NO SPOILERS policy will be strictly enforced. lj-cuts must be used on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until after the show has finished on the West Coast (3 hours after it finishes on the East Coast; 2 hours after Central; 1 hour after Mountain). If you mention ANYTHING about what happened on the show, put it behind a cut.

To use an lj-cut: at the beginning of the text to be cut, put [lj-cut] (but use <> rather than [] ) at the end of the text to be cut, put [/lj-cut] (again with <>) Piece o cake. Instructions are also in the LJ FAQ, of course.

If you use [lj-cut text="whatever you want your cut tag to say rather than the default read more"] do NOT put spoilers in that cut tag! It's safer to just use the generic "Read More" and not put in your own text. Be sure to not put spoilers in your subject line!

What counts as a spoiler? Almost anything -- so it's safer to just say "My Thoughts on Tonight's Show" or something like that. "I'm so disappointed!" is a spoiler. "America got it wrong!" is a spoiler. "I can't believe she's still here!" is a spoiler. Get it?

If you post a spoiler, it will be deleted, and you will be warned. You will ONLY get 2 warnings. If you post a 3rd spoiler, you will not be allowed to post to the group.

If someone else posts something you feel is a spoiler, please email the moderator immediately fruitbat5150@livejournal.com

4. Have fun. Vote for Kimberley early and often. Post all you want (tho please put long posts and pics behind an lj-cut, too). Comment all you want. Tell others about this community. Let's keep Kimberley in this competition long enough so that even if she doesn't win it, she'll be noticed and get a recording contract elsewhere!


Here are a few links to more info, pics, mp3s of Kimberley... let me know if you know of more!

Idolfan.org ALL AI mp3s!
Kimberley Locke Fan Site
Official American Idol Site

Fan mail can be sent to:

Kimberley Locke
c/o American Idol
P O Box 900
Beverly Hills CA 90213-0900