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hey im new!

Hey! Im new to this community! I did ai2 with kim and i was looking around at the communities for this one and thought that it would be cool to support her!! ;) anyways... well i just wanted to say hi! ;)

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Kim is amazing right? :-D

You were on AI2? *tries to remember* :-D
oh yes! i wanted her to win sooo bad! ;)

what do you mean you "did" AI2 with Kim?
hey thanks! I auditioned, and made it to Hollywood. Kim is one of my friends, she went to my highschool, and we have the same voice teacher.
SWEET! Congrats on making it to the Hollywood cut...

Kim has a great voice! Who's your teacher? He/She must be one hell of a teacher to have helped her get that kind of voice!

For real!