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Kim Locke concert!

Hey guys! Just got back from seeing Kim Locke live at the Big E in Springfield Ma! It was awesome.. she was so good!!! Anyways.. details under the cut! :)

Went back down to big E today for Kim Locke this time. Ahh she was so good. Left around 6 again and made it down there for 10:30ish. Shopped around all day and bought a bunch of shit. Fonzie s&p shakers, and PeeWee Herman s&p shakers, an Australian crystal butterfly clip for 12.50 which I then later saw the same one for 28 damn lol. I also wasted a buck to look at the worlds largest pig. Meangya the thing was so damn fat it was laying down against the wall and you could hardly see it.

Got in line for about 4:45. I was in the exact same spot waiting as I was for Clay, except half the people were in front of me. Hell, not even. We got 2nd row! The opening act Ashley Gearing was some 15 year old Disney country singer. OMG made me miss Ben Jelen. I swear her set was longer than Kims holy crap. But yah.. before she came out it started to pour. Everyone and their mother was going nuts to stay dry, and my mother bought us ponchos yay. It stopped though right before Ashley, started again after, and then stopped right before Kim. It was weird lol. So yah, anyways Kim. Ah she was so awesome. Her hair was all curly and she had the most adorable outfit on OMG she was so pretty. Aaand she had the Clayton fedora going on too :-D. She did a 'divas medley', and a Juldy Garland song with the fedora which I heart so much. She also did Over The Rainbow which, normally I cant stand, but tonight <3333. After the show I went to get merchandise and the guys all.. 'end of the line!' I had to get in line and it had like 742328 people in it because K.Lo and Ashley were signing autos and stuff. I had to buy a t-shirt for her to sign since the CD of hers I brought with me was already signed by her lol. I got a keychain too. The shirts were only $15 though so yay. They didnt have any pics though or anything. Just the shirts, keychain, and cd. They had more Ashley shit who I couldve done without. There was also some 15 year fiddle player selling his CDs. He played with Ashley in her band. Her whole band was from Tennessee. I swear I felt like I was at a friggan Tennessee hoedown. So I got to Kim and she signed my shirt <3333. Of course I forgot to tell her how amazingly well she did and stuff, and instead we were just like.. 'how are you?' 'great, you?' 'Im awesome! Thanks..' But yah. I didnt have my crappy ass cam with me so I asked for a hug instead. Not that it matters because Ive already got a pic with her, but frankly she looked better today lol. I however, looked like shit.

Just got home a half an hour ago and Im still freezing. Im finally in dry clothes. What a long as day. Nite <33

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Sounds like you had fun. :-D I can't wait till her concert in Nashville.
Oh it was a blast. When you going? Make sure to stick around after for the autograph session! The wait in ine goes by SO FAST.
The concert's supposed to be December 4th. but I don't know any details about it or anything yet. She has a Meet 'n Greet thing afterwards? NO WAY! SWEET. I was hoping she would. I think I would die if I met her. Haha.
Ah thats awesome! Yeep.. go to the merchandise after the show, she should be signing autos! And shes so so so nice!!!! <333
Ohhh my gosh, you have no idea how happy you've made me by telling me that! YAY! I'm so excited. I could actually meet her, wow ...
:-D Good luck!! I want the full details after!!!!
Thank you!! Don't worry, I'll defintely write a huge post on here afterwards if I get to go. :-)
Yay! Im looking forward to it :D
hey! im not trying to sound rude or anything... but i know her!! ;) shes really really sweet! we did ai2 together!
awesome!! :D shes WHICKED nice.
she is very nice!! i love her!
Are you serious? WOW! Haha. You were on AI2? Anyway, I bet she is really really sweet.
yep im serious!! ;) ha ha!! yeah i was on ai2... i got to go to hollywood and all, but i didnt get past like the top 100 somethin... so sad.. but great experience!.... yep shes really really sweet!
That's so cool! I wish I would've watched the early rounds of AI2 so I could've seen you.

I added you, is that okay? :)
yeah totally!! i added you back!!! ;)