Chris (bgsu1998) wrote in kimberleyl_fans,

Happy Kimberley Locke Day!

Kimberley Locke's new album One Love is supposed to be released today. I will stop at Best Buy on my way home to hopefully get it!

Kimberley is an amazing singer and I was so thrilled to get to hear her sing live at the American Idol concert last summer. I am so happy that she has been able to release an album, and I hope it goes quadruple platinum because she deserves it. Yo go, K-Lo!
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I'm going to get it before school today!!!!!! AWOOHOOO!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for reminding me!!!!! I totally forgot 'cause I have an exam today. x_x
I went out and bought it today! I've been listeing to it online for weeks, but it is even better having it on CD!